Progress on the Createscape office

Createscape Wall Painting

Less than a week ago, we signed the official lease for the office space at 2108 E M Franklin Ave in Austin, Texas and we’ve been hard at work at creating Createscape Coworking. We’re very happy with our location because of a lot of the new developments nearby around Mueller and our half-way proximity between filmmaking hot spots like the Austin Studios/Austin Film Society offices and the Austin Film Festival office. Over the past week, we’ve been painting all the walls, cleaning all the carpet, furniture shopping, installingĀ more electrical outlets, putting furniture together, and decorating the space. And so far it’s really coming together nicely and we’re more excited than ever as we inch closer to an official opening. The website is currently under construction still, but you can check out the temporary splash page as well as sign up for the newsletter at Our logo is almost done being designed as well, and as a whole everything is moving quickly as we work towards bringing our ideas and planning from the past several months to a common point. Createscape is being designed as a coworking office for creative professionals with specific emphasis on those in the video/film/photo industries. We’ll be offering memberships with permanent desks or general open spaces for coworking to fit your needs. Among the office itself, we are meeting with a number of people and local businesses to partner in bringing our members the best resources to work more productively, expand their network, and advance in their craft and career. Take a look below at some of the photos as we make progress on the Createscape office!


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