Watch our Horror/Thriller Reel for October!

By October 15, 2014Marketing, Short Films

We have put together a treat for you for the month of October! Check out this edited video reel with clips from horror/thriller films and projects we’ve done in the past few years as a production company. This was edited by our intern Tim Fitzgerald and we think he did a great job showing off some of the creepiest moments and scenes from a number of these films. And what’s kind of funny is that some of the shots and scenes take on a whole new context here (from comedy to straight-horror). Enjoy!

“Private Reflection” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Edited by Tim Fitzgerald. Copyright Escape Plan Productions 2014.

Films featured:
“Carnivores” (2013)
“Clownin’ Around” (2014)
“Eden 2.0” by Tesseract (2011)
“Sound of the Stab” (2010)
“Game Night” (2011)
“Borderline” (2011)

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