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By November 25, 2014Marketing

If you saw our last blog post on the behind the scenes of production on a series of videos for Chill Lizard, then you might know about the Kickstarter campaign by Braon Moseley of Vibrance Technology to reach $30,000 and get this awesome, innovative new product launched. Here, we wanted to show off the whole series of videos we did in one place. First of all, if you’re asking “What is the Chill Lizard?”, I think the videos will do a better job of explaining that than we can here, but I’ll give it a shot! The Chill Lizard is a wireless temperature sensor system designed specifically to accurately and reliably chill a drink in the freezer. With 5 temperature settings, it will reliably give you the most refreshing, cold drinks.



Kickstarter Video:

Chill Lizard Presents “Goldi & the 3 Beers”:

Chill Lizard Saves a Friendship!

Chill Lizard: Table for One

Now’s the time to support Chill Lizard! There are a lot of great prizes you can get for your contribution, including t-shirts, bottle openers, koozies, glasses, and more! Share it with your friends, family, or anyone you know who loves a cold beverage… fast!


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