New short film in production, “The Collaborators!

By June 4, 2015News, Short Films

Coming Soon!

We’re very happy to announce a new short film project that Escape Plan Productions is producing, “The Collaborators”. Principal photography is scheduled to begin Saturday, June 6th. Here’s the official synopsis:

A young crew of friends embarks on a late-night short film shoot, fueled by stress-induced creativity and burgers. The short film they’re shooting tells the story of a couple’s painful breakup in the city streets after a few drinks. But the real drama sparks on set from the crew’s own exes-turned-friends, the screenwriter and director, as they clash on the script interpretation (and possibly the interpretation of their own history), throwing the completion of the film into question.

Keller Davis is directing/producing, Jensen Yancey is doing cinematography, John Baxa wrote the script and is 1st AD. The film’s lead stars include Avery Merrifield as “Eric”, David Barrera as “Connor”, Ian Pala as “Dirk”, Laura Ritz as “Annie”, and Ali Stolar-Franklin as “Moira”. Rounding out the cast with supporting characters, there’s also Alan Nelson, Patrick Benson, Gloria Tsai, and Stephen Mullins.

We would also like to give a special thanks to our supporters of the film, Heather Ringman, Allison Victoria, and Jessie Schulz. Follow the production on Twitter at

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