Our Behind the Scenes & Bloopers Video

By June 15, 2015Uncategorized

Here it is! The long-awaited “Behind the Scenes & Bloopers” video from selections of 5 years worth of projects from Escape Plan Productions. Short films, music videos, commercials with goofs, cuts, & improvised hilarity. Every project we do is a lot of fun, but when we’re working on something narrative-based, there’s always lots of opportunities for mistakes on lines, something messing up, or just funny instances on set. After every project, people always say “Can’t wait to see the blooper reel”, so we’re happy to finally have something accessible to show off a lot of these great moments.

The video was edited by Veronika Kondratieva, our former intern, with assistant editing by another former intern Tim Fitzgerald and Keller Davis.

Note: Some of the language is NSFW


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