Meet our new intern for Fall 2015, Gabi

By September 17, 2015News

Hi! My name is Ingabirano (long for Gabi) Nintunze, and I’m a Texas A&M almost-graduate, majoring in English Literature and Telecommunication Media Studies. This fall, I’m excited to be an intern at Escape Plan Productions, and to learn all about video production and how a professional project moves from conception through execution, and everything that goes into it along the way.

I got my filmmaking start by joining the Texas A&M Screenwriting, Acting, and Movie Production (or SWAMP) club, and loved every minute that I spent there, especially my tenure as the Screenwriting Chair.
My favorite thing about movies is the stories that go into them, so I want to one day be one of those people who get to write ridiculous stories for a living and watch them play out on the screen.

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