A commercial for your product, business, service, brand, cause, or organization is one of the best ways to plant an idea in the minds of consumers. Whether it’s hilarious, dramatic, relatable, or has you in tears, a commercial or video ad can reach audiences new and old in a brief slice of time. Often we work with commercials in scripted form for 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 60 seconds to drive home a concept in a snappy way. If you’ve ever watched the Super Bowl, then you know how important truly great commercial can be for getting a wide audience talking about a message or brand.

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“The Power of Duracell” – Duracell Spec Commercial (2013)


“Who Needs Excedrin?” – Excedrin Spec Commercial (2013)


“Invisible Dog” – Doritos Crash the Superbowl Contest Commercial (2011)


“AA Meeting for Seniors” – Philips AutoAlert by LifeLine (2013)


Wilson Hill Academy (2014)