The Collaborators

A drama about two exes-turned-friends making a short film about breakup.

Production Status: Completed, Not-Yet Released

The Collaborators is an upcoming dramatic short film from Escape Plan Productions, directed by Keller Davis, and starring Avery Merrifield, David Barrera, Laura Ritz, Ian Pala, and Ali Stolar. Shot in Austin, Texas and based on a script by John Baxa, the film completed principal photography in early June. Stay up to date on the film, behind the scenes photos and info, and release info here!


Outside a street of bars and cityscape, a young crew of friends embarks on a late-night short film shoot, fueled by stress-induced creativity and burgers. The short film they’re shooting tells the story of a couple’s painful breakup in the city streets after a few drinks. But the real drama sparks on set from the crew’s own exes-turned-friends, the screenwriter Connor and director Eric. On-set, the former couple clash over the script’s interpretation, leading the rest of the crew to question the fate of the project.

Teaser Trailer


Avery Merrifield – “Eric”, the Director

David Barrera – “Connor”, the Writer

Ian Pala – “Dirk”, Actor

Laura Ritz – “Annie”, Actor

Ali Stolar – “Moira”, 1st AD

Stephen Mullins – “Craig”, the Sound Guy

Alan Nelson – “Norman”, the DP

Patrick Benson – “Ted”, Grip

Roxanne McDanel – “Sasha”, Makeup Artist

Gloria Tsai – “Amy”,  PA



Behind the Scenes

We have a lot of behind the scenes photos that we’ll be releasing later, but for now check out just a handful of on-set photos.

Funding the Film

We are still campaigning to raise money for this short film to meet our goal. There’s still a lot of remaining costs to make this film a success as we go into post-production of editing, sound mixing, music composition, color grading, and film festival submission fees. We are currently accepting contributions to support the project in exchange for perks of credits on the film (“Special Thanks” to “Executive Producer”, behind the scenes content, special pieces from cast/crew, and merchandise.

Interested? Download the Fundraising Packet here: The Collaborators_Info

Then send an email to Keller Davis at

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